LED Candreen for Streets

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Environment Monitoring System

EMS for: For Clean Room in Hospitals For Labs For clean room in Pharmaceutical Factories & food industries For All types of Clean Room More

Total MEMS Solutions

Providing the total MEMS solution as integrated software  , by which the researcher can design any MEMS device and simulate it with high performance and accuracy Silicon Valley For Nanotechnology Company SVN Company which is Saudi company specialized in MEMS/NEMS. Our company has the following More

Air-purifying & Decontamination system

For Hospitals Labs Food factories Pharmaceutical Factories All types of Clean Room More


SVN provides the LED Light for the following Fields:  LED Light for HighWay LED Light for Internal City Streets  LED Light for Tunnels  LED Light for Beachs and Lakes LED Light for Park  LED Light for Celebrations and Festivals More

Clean Room Service

Full Design for all Types of Clean Room  Construction of all Types of Clean Room Instrumentation of the Clean Room Full Operation of the Clean Room Maintenance and Development of the Clean Room More

Collaboration in R&D and Strategic Industries

Collaboration in MEMS & Nanotechnology Researchs Collaboration in Stratigic Industires as Silicon, Solar Cells, Carbone Nanotubes, Fiber Optics and Others More

DNA Nanotehcnology :

DNA Nanotehcnology :

DNA nanotechnology :


DNA nanotechnology is a field of the study with brilliant properties to recognize molecules of different kinds. Its a branch of sciences which deals directly with the atomic particles of any substance. They are used to design appropriate and desired structure which can be controlled at any given point. This is one of the useful technologies which has great applications in the field of biological sciences and chemistry. Most of the times it is used for genetics recognition.



How Dna nanotechnology works ?

DNA nanotechnology uses of DNA building blocks to develop new complex DNA structures with powerful characteristics. DNA is usually a straight and smooth molecule, whose total axis is unbranched. but DNA particles having junctions can also be created. For instance four armed structure junction can made further complementary molecules. the basic purpose of this technology is to give a target structure and complex functional characteristics makes it different from other dominant technologies, it was designed to determine the sequence of molecules and to discover their family. DNA nanotechnology detects the assembling sequence and then, collectively find out the junctions if any. after tracking the assembled sequence the kind of molecules are communicated to the other peripheral device, if attached. Different kind of approaches are used to design and manage the DNA sequences for obtaining the desired structure.

Design approaches of Dna nanotechnology

There are several approaches in which DNA strcutures can be designed some of them are listed below.
§ Tile-based structural Approach 
§ Folding structural approach
§ Kinetic assembling

§ Sequence design

1) Tile based structures

In these type of structural approach the DNA molecules are designed in tiled architecture. The most common example of this approach is DX molecule in which two dimensional arrays are drawn at top and bottom in sequence of four tiles. Tile based approach is one of the earliest approach which was used to design the DNA structures every shape represents a sticky end for the next molecule. Discrete units can be constructed with this method. This design method has a capability to conceptualize and design even the largest assemblies assigned to it. This distinguishing feature makes DNA nanotechnology fully beneficial in the self assembly and computational functioning.


2) Folding structural approach

Another but opposite approach to tile based approach is folding approach. Arbitrary sequences and two dimensional complex molecular arrangements can be converted into desired shape with the help of folding structural approach. simpler strands participates in folding structures. 


3) Kinetic assembling

Another useful approach to design the molecular structure regardless of the sequence and position is the kinetic assembly in which molecules are assembled with minimum thermodynamics sequence. DNA self assembly is one of the examples of this kind and is this method is widely used in thermodynamic applications.

Sequence design

Another approach is sequence design in which molecules are designed in a specific provided sequence to produce DNA design. Nuclear acids are the example of sequential designing approach.

Applications of DNA Technology

DNA nanotechnology focuses the development of new molecular arrangements with enhanced characteristics along with modified structures .They are used in many important work areas where this technology is facilitating the world. Kidney trackers, molecular match makers, machines for managing the nuclear reactions all are the applications of DNA nanotechnology. Some of the mechanical devices are also present such as molecular tweezers, stimulus that is used in Nano robotics, B DNA for responding the change in buffer conditions during the procedures.

Future perception 

DNA nanotechnology is one of the important technology which has great uses in the chemical , molecular sciences and security sectors. The most important advantage of DNA technology is in the curing of fatal diseases, which makes it accusable by the researchers and doctors. Leading countries in the technological areas are working hard for advancements and development in DNA science.