LED Candreen for Streets

الاطاريف للشوارع الاطاريف للدواوير والميادين الاطاريف للمتنزهات الاطاريف للشواطئ More

Environment Monitoring System

EMS for: For Clean Room in Hospitals For Labs For clean room in Pharmaceutical Factories & food industries For All types of Clean Room More

Total MEMS Solutions

Providing the total MEMS solution as integrated software  , by which the researcher can design any MEMS device and simulate it with high performance and accuracy Silicon Valley For Nanotechnology Company SVN Company which is Saudi company specialized in MEMS/NEMS. Our company has the following More

Air-purifying & Decontamination system

For Hospitals Labs Food factories Pharmaceutical Factories All types of Clean Room More


SVN provides the LED Light for the following Fields:  LED Light for HighWay LED Light for Internal City Streets  LED Light for Tunnels  LED Light for Beachs and Lakes LED Light for Park  LED Light for Celebrations and Festivals More

Clean Room Service

Full Design for all Types of Clean Room  Construction of all Types of Clean Room Instrumentation of the Clean Room Full Operation of the Clean Room Maintenance and Development of the Clean Room More

Collaboration in R&D and Strategic Industries

Collaboration in MEMS & Nanotechnology Researchs Collaboration in Stratigic Industires as Silicon, Solar Cells, Carbone Nanotubes, Fiber Optics and Others More

Our Objectives

  1. Providing the MEMS solution( IntilliSuite). We are ready to provide your organization the full copy of the IntilliSuite as a trial version for one month to be evaluated.


  1. Designing, Constructing, furniture, and preparing the Clean Rooms, besides providing it with all the requirements which needed either from the devices, instruments, equipments or the materials.


  1. Introducing the consultancies about the fabrication process, Clean Room`s requirements, measurement devices ,and the other devices which are needed to simulate, fabricate or test the MEMS devices or projects.


  1. Improving the management system of our customers by applying the Six Sigma Methodology or MAA Approach in their organizations, through our training center "Silicon Valley for Training" and its partners.


  1.   Adoption the researchers who are related to the MEMS technology in the fields of natural science, engineering pharmacy and medicine, to qualify them to be a good researchers in their filed by providing them with all type of training to enable them to optimize their projects, then in the fabrication stage or the experimental stage we transfer  them to our clean rooms which are located in Malaysia, Canada, UK or china , to train them to be able to  fabricate  their projects by theirselves.


  1. Deploying and publishing the nanotechnology, MEMS/NEMS culture in the Middle East and North Africa.


  1. Conducting seminars, conferences and workshops about the nanotechnology and MEMS applications.