Course of Nanotechnology and its Applications

Training on the Environmental Systems and Control

Unique Training of the New Technologies and Stratigic Industries

Training on Clean Rooms(Operation ,Controlling and Maintenance)

Carbon Nanoteube Training (CNTT)

Robot Engineering Training

فعاليات مركز وادي السيليكا في نشر ثقافة تقنية النانو وانظمة الميمز في المملكة

فعاليات مختلفة للشركة في نشر ثقافة تقنية النانو في العالم العربي كقطر وعمان والامارات

فعاليات وادي السيليكا بالنشر الثقافي لتقنية النانو خارج المملكة

Silicon Valley for Training

silicon valley for training is one of the organization of silicon valley for nanotechnology co.

It was  established to cover the needs of its customers.

 raining is the axis around which development process turns in the society. It is the tool and means of development and the basic criterion of its different aspects. It is the optimum tool for achievement of competence and distinction.


We hope that specialists and stakeholders can follow our programs continuously and offer what they deem proper and beneficial of opinions to develop horizons of our society and promote training to distinction in all fields, especially administrative, search and technical fields.