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Workshop in KING Faisal University at 12 Feb 2014

Applications of the Nanotechnology  in the Biomedical Fields

Pleased Unit of Science and Technology, King Faisal University, inviting faculty members

With the cooperation of Silicon Valley for Nanotechnology Co. Ltd in Riyadh

 to attend a workshop entitled:

«Applications of the Nanotechnology

 in the Biomedical Fields»


Which will be held on Wednesday, 12-Feb 2014 with Topics : 

1.Nano materials: Fundamentals and Applications
2. Applications of Nanotechnology in Water Management  
3.Application of Nanotechnology in Medicine with Reference to Cancer


Prof / Moustapha Hassan, KarolinskaInstitutet,  Sweden

Prof : Mamoun Mohammed,  Royal Institute of Technology-Sweden

Dr. / Nasser Barakat , Chonbuk National University, South Korea